Minutes, 13 June 2017

Special Meeting: 2217, 7:30PM

Board Members in Attendance:

  • Elliot Wild, President
  • Genelle McDonald, Vice President
  • Matt Keally, Secretary
  • Easton Warner, Treasurer
  • Jessica Vasconcellos, Director

Board Member Resignation

Heather Maddox submitted a letter of resignation. The board voted unanimously to accept her resignation.

Publication of Minutes on Website

The board voted unanimously to give the Secretary discretion in posting edited minutes to the website.

Remote Participation in Board Meetings

The board voted unanimously to allow remote board member participation in meetings, as permitted by Virginia law. Jessica will identify a service to be employed on an as needed basis with voice participation as the sole requirement.

Proposed Bylaws Amendments

The board voted to approve four changes to the bylaws. Bylaws amendments will be submitted to the cluster lawyer for review. The lawyer, Ami Pape, as part of the approval process, will meet with the board to discuss the changes and meet with the cluster members during the homeowner vote.

Absentee Voting

The board voted 4-0 to allow homeowners to vote via mail or hand deliver ballots to the board prior to votes at annual meetings or special meetings. Such votes would include director positions as well as major financial decisions requiring homeowner input. Voting by proxy will be prohibited.

Remote Meeting Participation

The board voted unanimously to approve remote participation in board meetings by homeowners. The remote participation will be facilitated by the voice or video means identified by Jessica.

Removing Directors

The board voted 4-0 to allow removal of directors via a four out of five director vote. The board also discussed shortening the director term length to 1 year.

Code of Conduct

The board voted 3-0 to add a one paragraph Code of Conduct to the bylaws, governing the behavior of board directors and officers.

July Meeting

The board voted unanimously to find space at RCC for the July meeting and, pending review by the lawyer, conduct a resident vote on the proposed bylaws changes.


The board voted unanimously to approve the Wheelwrighter.


American Lawn Brothers notified the cluster that the normal lawn care day will be Thursday.

Parking Lot Sealcoating

Jessica will send a letter to Fairfax County about removing cars on Olde Crafts to allow for cluster parking during the sealcoating in August.

New Director

The board will work to identify a new board member to fill out the remainder of Heather’s term.