Recycling in Fairfax County

Fairfax County’s Channel 16 reports on how current recycling is working and how glass is being repurposed.

Watch this video to learn how recycling works in the county right now and how it plans to repurpose recycling materials: https://www.ebmcdn.net/fairfax/fairfax-cable-viewer-cc.php?w=768&h=432&viewnode=crushed_glass_cc_seg_mar_19&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social


Board Updates and Upcoming Activities

The next Wheelwright Cluster Board Meeting will be held on April 11, 2019 at 2233, 7 PM. Minutes from the last meeting have been posted below.

Cluster Cleanup is scheduled for April 27, 2019 starting at 9 AM. We’ll meet at the table in the upper cluster common area then divide up jobs. We’ll enjoy a nice cookout and party afterwards, all residents welcome to join the party afterwards!

Calling for ideas for the Spring 2019 Cluster Cleanup, scheduled for April 27th! Please email the board at Wheelwright.cluster.assoc@gmail.com if you have ideas on projects you would like to see completed! No project is too big or too small!   

Recycling in the Neighborhood

Recently there has been some confusion about what can be recycled and what is actually being recycled. Due to recent changes to the type of recycling that China is accepting from the US, the rates of local recycling have gone down. To ensure that recycling is accepted, we want to reduce the amount of “wishful recycling” and only put items in the bin that can be recycled: https://www.batestrucking.com/recycling-collection-services/residential/.

Any trash and recycling that is picked up by our new trash and recycling collector, Bates Trucking, is still subject to the rules of the locality that it is dropped off, materials taken to the I-66 Transfer Station or I-95 Landfill Complex within Fairfax County. Here is a great reference webpage that can help determine if it will be accepted or not: https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/publicworks/recycling-trash/residential-materials. Many items in recycling end up in the trash due to wishful recycling and also the costs of recycling the raw materials.

Please ensure that you are placing recycling in the proper bins and trash in the proper bins. The green top bins are for trash and blue top bins are for recycling. Recycling placed in plastic bags will not be accepted for recycling and will be picked up by the trash truck. If you need a blue recycling bin or trash bin, please email wheelwright.cluster.assoc@gmail.com to request one; include your name and address please.

Cluster Board Meeting Minutes – March 7, 2019

Board members present: Jessica Joyner, Mike Pendleton, Sarah Keally, Kristina Myers, Daniel Baldwin, and Jill Jenkins.

Residents present: Kerry Wingell (2219), Karen Walker (2207), Lynn Kunkle (2216)

General discussion:

  • Large dog pooping along bus path daily despite the signs asking dog walkers to clean up after their pet.
  • New Landscapers doing a great job cleaning up and beautifying the common areas already, noticed by several board members and even received an email from a resident saying so.
  • Jill would like to restructure the files so all the contracts are together.

Accounting/Homeowners Association Software:

  • Jill asked  the Wheelwright tax her accountanting friend, and they recommended Quickbooks as the best accounting software out there. They recommended not updating the current version and it would still be useful.  
  • The tax accountant friend has helped her to navigate the current accounting software to speed up tasks required by the Treasurer to complete.
  • HOA software: talked to our Alliance Community and they are working on a quote for the cluster financials

Tree Work:

  • Kerri did a walkthrough to look at the trees, recommended some trees trimmed, some removed and then add grass
  • Talked to the landscaping vendor about picking up the leaves (per the contract) instead of blowing the leaves into the woods. He also discussed drainage issues with leaves and cleaning up yards.  Landscaping company will provide some solutions on drainage.
  • Tree committee charter
    • Dan & Mike drafted a charter and sent out to the board to review this morning.
    • Board member comments regarding draft charter:
      • Additional clarity about who exactly is selecting the tree assessment professionals is needed.
      • Yes, it should be 1 chair, 1 member for minimum number of Tree Committee members.
      • I agree, we need details on if they can hire/engage a new company or is the selection of the vendor a decision of the board.  My thought is that they can get bids, but the board will need to review and approve a vendor before any work is completed. (allows us to control finances).
      • Can we add in a note about emergency work?  If emergency work is required (e.g. a tree falling in someone’s house) the tree committee shall be engaged but decision making will  revert back to the board.  I am thinking we need this as we coordinate with more than just the tree vendor, last time we talked to RA, the lawyers and our insurance. 
      • We should ensure that any time they meet with tree professionals, the board needs to be notified in a reasonable amount of time so that a board member can participate. Possibly include: These meetings will also be communicated to the community so they can attend as well. 
      • We should also include that if the board finds that the tree committee is not fulfilling their stated purpose, members can be asked to leave or the committee can be disbanded.  This requires a majority vote by the board. 

Concrete Contract – assigned to Danny

  • He has been contact with the contractor and wanted to clarify if it was just for sidewalks and walkways – yes
  • Danny will ask contractor to come out next week to start working on a major project
  • Jessica and Danny to walk community on 3/12 to review areas needed.

Erosion work

  • 2249 has water running by and collecting by that house at the bottom of the hill, also include as part of the community erosion project
  • Kristina sent an email about the erosion work

Trash services update

  • Trash service has been going well with no more hiccups.  

Survey results – updates

  • Sent to the board for review, no additional findings beyond what was previously noted. Feedback will be included in 2019 projects.

Little Free Library

  • Designs reviewed and will be submitted for DRB approval.  Requested location was moved to further in the community between 2241 and 2243.
  • Plan to include for the spring cluster cleanup.


  • Jill has had problems with our billing with the lawyer and tried to contact the vendor several times.  Still no response after 3 weeks.

Tree Work:

  • Kerri did a walkthrough to look at the trees, recommended some trees trimmed, some removed and then add grass
  • Talked to the vendor about picking the leaves up, discussed drainage with leaves and cleaning up yards
  • Long term, addressing the leaves will help with ongoing issues with erosion work

Cluster Cleanup Date:

  • Confirmed Looking at April 27 for Spring Cluster cleanup as it’s after Easter
  • That date works best with everyone at the meeting
  • Jessica requested us to provide input on projects for cluster cleanup to do:
    • Will NOT need to paint benches – landscaping will do this as part of their 2019 work.
    • Don’t need more flowers – landscaping will do this as part of the 2019 work
    • Build and paint Little Free Library–Board members should send their vote for the best option you like based on options in this month’s agenda. Install the weekend before Cluster Cleanup and then paint it during the cleanup.Cutting and painting needs to occur before the cluster cleanup and then it can be assembled the day of the cleanup.
    • One suggestion was to put the free library by the sidewalk at the entrance to give users more room and less likelihood to get strangers in our neighborhood.

Treasurer Duties:

  • Delay getting notifications from Trash Company and asked Sarah to reach out to Bates Trucking to send her that contact information for billing.

Review of Cluster Survey results were discussed.

  • Jessica gave a brief update of new responses

Financials – no real update

  • Weird things that Jill noticed – inventory management and others; discussion with Easton to clarify.
  • Billed back in April to Michelle Anderson for inventory assets and wanted clarification on what that bill was for.
  • Jill pulled a list of those who are paid ahead and those who still owe – contacting residents who owe by email and requested payment.
  • Jill still needs access to the bank accounts and has been making deposits – will try to get access on Saturday.
  • Any receipts for the Wheelwrighter this past issue?

Next Meeting: April 11 @ 7 PM, 2233

Meeting Minutes January 25, 2019

Wheelwright Cluster Board Meeting – January 25, 2019

Board members present: Jessica Joyner, Mike Pendleton, Sarah Keally, Kristina Myers, Daniel Baldwin, and Jill Jenkins.

Residents present:  Matt Keally (2233)

General discussion:

  • Jill, who has taken over as Treasurer, feels like the Treasurer role should be a paid position due to the amount of work required to complete the tasks and keep up with duties. Board members agreed that it was something to look into over the next year as a possibility and will consult with the lawyer to see how that could be implemented as well as the level of compensation.  Suggestions were free dues for the time of service or $100/month.
  • All board members should have access to the cluster email now.  If you haven’t tried to access it, please do and let Jessica know if you cannot.
  • Jessica will add more admins to the Facebook page so others can help make posts when needed.
  • DRB application to Reston was submitted to Reston Association (RA) staffer Sarah Gaston.  It was submitted without signatures so was rejected until signatures could be obtained for entire row at entrance (2201-2215). Kristina needs help getting signatures for entire row so Jessica will assist in that task.
  • Cluster sign was stolen after last cluster cleanup, so a new one was purchased.  Danny will take over duties of putting out sign and pick it up from Mike.

Concrete Contract – assigned to Danny

  • Work has been identified by same contractor who did work in 2018 to fix tripping hazards in 2019.
  • An entire proposal for all work that was identified with a contractor walk through exists and will be shared with Danny to help work on scheduling some of the work.
  • Danny will work on getting additional quotes for the work.
  • The drainage/pooling of water issues identified in front of 2231 were discussed and possible solutions presented by contractor.  Danny will work on this issue with specific costs.

Trash Contract – assigned to Sarah

  • Waste Management (previous contractor) sold all HOA contracts to Bates Trucking, effective January 1, 2019.  All existing contracts will be honored.
  • Will reach out to contractor to confirm trash schedules and post on the website/Facebook page.  
  • Will talk to the general manager about billing process and when to expect bills.
  • Also will request the notification process for when dates and pickup schedules change.

Landscaping Contract – assigned to Kristina

  • Newcastle is the new contractor starting January 1, 2019.
  • Currently doing a weekly sticks pickup from residents yards.
  • Plans from contractor (included in proposal) are to paint and stain cluster benches, add in butterfly garden, in addition to other landscaping duties.

Electricity Contract – assigned to Kristina

  • Will call Dominion Energy about two watch lights in front of 2233 and 2235/2237 being out and have it fixed.
  • Dominion is now requesting cluster account number when issues are reported by board and requests to fix cluster lights must be called in by a board member -residents can’t call it in.
  • Residents should report issues with cluster lights to cluster email, wheelwright.cluster.assoc@gmail.com.  

Snow Contract – assigned to Jessica

  • Mike Peyton (2217) is currently the contractor.
  • All agreed he did a great job with the last snowstorm in clearing the parking lots.
  • He has been doing a great job invoicing the board once a job is complete.  
  • Currently budgeted $8,000 for snow removal, which depending on rest of winter season, we could have a surplus of funds for this budget item.

HOA Software Discussion:

  • Mike (Pendleton) proposed we look into the possibility of purchasing an HOA software to help manage administrative tasks for the board and keep us organized, including a financial software to replace Quickbooks.
  • He has done research and came up with a few options – some issues is they may not include financial software or software becomes unsupported and out of date quickly. Mike is going to wait until Jill does financial software research to make sure they can work together.
  • Sarah will ask Franklin Farm HOA board contact about software they might be using and if they recommend anything.
  • Jill will reach out to RA and inquire if they have any recommendations, in addition to doing research on other financial software available besides Quickbooks.  
    • Quickbooks is cumbersome and not user friendly and often screws up financial data, making it so the Treasurer must manually do tasks to understand where discrepancies lie.

Dues for Furloughed Fed Workers:

  • It was proposed by a couple board members that we give furloughed federal worker residents extra time to pay dues without penalties if government shutdown continues.
  • Now that government is temporarily open, a plan will be worked on for if/when the shutdown occurs again. Residents experiencing difficulties should notify a board member and show their government issued ID as proof of federal employment.
  • Jessica will write a blurb for the Wheelwrighter to inform residents of the plan.

Tree Committee:  Mike and Danny will be liaisons for this committee

  • The board must create a tree committee per the referendums passed at the 2018 Annual meeting in December.
  • No official guidelines were given so board will write them up in a charter for the committee and outline responsibilities for tree committee members and board members.
  • A blurb about the new committee will be included in the next Wheelwrighter – residents should send concerns to the board email, wheelwright.cluster.assoc@gmail.com.
  • Board is looking for residents to volunteer to be on the committee.
  • Board liaisons will work on the committee charter which outlines roles/responsibilities and discuss at the next meeting
    • Sarah to send a sample charter to Danny and Mike.
    • Charter should include committee members will be responsible for writing all design review board applications that will go to RA.

Shingle DRB application was approved by RA–thank you to Kristina and Jessica for their work on the application.

Wheelwrighter – assigned to Kristina for next issue; Sarah will be responsible for development after that.

  • Next issue will be distributed by February 1, 2019.
    • All assigned articles/blurbs due to Kristina by January 30.
  • Content for next issue to include:
    • New contractor for trash service – Sarah
    • Donations of Goods – Danny
    • Treasurer change – Jill
    • Dues and Furloughs – Jessica
    • Tree Committee – Danny
    • Board member spotlight – Kristina

Treasurer Duties:

  • Other board members trying to take on some tasks for Treasurer so it’s not so time intensive.
  • Secretary (Sarah) to update guidelines with new options for shingles. .
  • Money from cluster doc packages voted to go to Treasurer, even though Secretary will take on the task of putting packets together.
  • Jill requested a wireless mouse for use with computer–all voted in favor of providing her a wireless mouse plus additional supplies needed to carry out Treasure job duties.
  • Jill needs to be added to bank and Easton’s name removed from Cluster account.
    • Jessica will email Easton about debit card transfer over to Jill.

Parking Lot Map:

  • Mike created a parking lot map and identified which spaces are assigned by name/house number and which ones are free (unassigned).  

Review of Cluster Survey results were discussed.

Financials – reviewed current budget and spend down in addition to collection of dues for the first quarter of 2019.

Next Meeting: March 7, 2019, 7-9 p.m. at 2209.

Annual Meeting Minutes: December 6, 2018

The annual meeting was held at the Reston Community Center  located at Hunters Woods on Thursday, December 6th at 7 pm. The meeting minutes were later approved by the Board (both current and out-going members) via email. They are available in PDF form here: December 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes. If you would like them in an alternate format, please contact the Secretary.

Reston Association Design Review Board Meeting: January 22, 2019

As announced at the annual meeting, the Board has put in an application for architectural shingles in addition to 3 tab shingles.

This has been added to the docket for the 1/22 Reston Association Design Review Board. The meeting will be held in the first floor conference center at 12001 Sunrise Valley Drive, and will start at 7 pm. Be prepared for a wait as there are other items on the agenda. Please attend if you would like to provide feedback on the application.

Recycling Guidelines

Our trash/recycling provider, Waste Management, recently provided the Wheelwright Cluster with some recycling resources to help us improve how we recycle. They specifically note that:

No plastic bags should be included in recycling, as this is considered contamination. Waste Management is receiving fines for these contaminants and will have to pass this onto the Wheelwright Cluster if plastic bags and any other contaminants are placed in our recycling containers. Recycle materials should be placed loosely in the container and plastic bags either reused, taken back to the retailer, or disposed of in the trash container. For further information on how to recycle right, please review recycle information at: http://recycleoftenrecycleright.com and  http://recycleoftenrecycleright.com/get-started.

– Wheelwright HOA Board