Holiday Trash/Recycling Schedule and Tree Removal

This year, Christmas and New Year’s Day both fall on a Monday, which is a trash and recycling day. However, our supplier ESI is officially closed on both of those holidays. Therefore,  there will be no trash or recycling service provided on Monday, December 25th or Monday, January 1st. Trash service will resume on Thursday as usual. To make up for the lost recycling day, there will be recycling service only on Saturday, December 30th and Saturday, January 6th. Please see the link for more information, including  inclement weather policies: 2017-2018 Holiday Flyer Rescheduled Recycling (1) (3).

Also, ESI will be removing holiday trees (except for the artificial type) for free on Wednesday, January 3rd and Wednesday, January 10th. They ask that they be put out the night before, that they not be placed in plastic bags, and that all ornaments and lighting be removed prior to pick-up. Fees will be charged for other dates. Please see the link for a flyer with additional information: 2018 Holiday Tree Collection 3rd and 10th (1) (1).

Annual Board Meeting Minutes: December 4

Annual Meeting, Reston Community Center
8PM 12/4/2017

Board Members in Attendance
-Elliot Wild, President
-Genelle McDonald, Vice President
-Matt Keally, Secretary
-Easton Warner, Treasurer
-Jessica Joyner, Director
-Kerry Wingell, Director

Bylaws Changes
Elliot and Ami Pape, the cluster attorney, provided an overview of eight proposed bylaws changes: absentee ballots, electronic voting, electronic meeting notices, director removal, board member code of conduct, board action without meeting, board member liability, and collection of late dues.

Several questions arose over the issue to limit board member liability.  Ms. Pape explained that the changes will not reduce the cluster insurance requirement and would not protect board members from any criminal act.  Residents also commented on absentee voting and board action without a meeting, stating that these changes could potentially reduce resident input into board decisions.  Ms. Pape reminded residents that the changes do not override the requirement for an annual meeting and that absentee voting will still require a quorum.  There was also a comment that it may be too easy to remove a director, either through a director supermajority or member vote, however, Ms. Pape assured the room that the thresholds for removal were still significant.

Bylaws Vote
All eight proposed amendments passed with a supermajority voting in favor of each.

2017 Overview
The board described work accomplished in 2017, to include parking lot sealing, a new landscaping and snow removal contract, sidewalk concrete repair, and tree removal.  Erosion control was the only unaccomplished item for 2017.  Several residents voiced their concern with the new landscaping company and its leaf removal practices: some leaves were still blown into the woods and that some of the landscapers were running their equipment too close to children.

A member asked about the validity of the parking regulation previously championed by the board: residents are strongly encouraged to have no more than two cars.  Ms. Pape stated that whatever is printed in the guidelines is what the rule is, however, this can be changed by a board vote.

Elliot stated that the cluster finances were in good health and that he believed that a dues increase would not be needed for nearly ten years.  An increase would be needed eventually to maintain cluster reserve funding.  Elliot stated that within the next ten years, a parking lot grind and mill would be required.  Residents stated that the parking lot was deteriorating in several locations.  Elliot responded that the crack sealing did not cover everything and that one contractor suggested performing a grind and mill this past summer, however, the board believed it was too early.

Easton stated that a CD was coming due and would be renewed.  He also brought up the intention of the board to perform an audit, a necessary but expensive undertaking.

2018 Budget
The board described the 2018 budget as being similar to 2017 with several exceptions.  Insurance would be increased to meet Virginia state requirements.  Additionally, landscaping costs will increase due to the new contract.  There was a comment that the tree maintenance budget was too high.  The board responded that $4,000 was spent on tree pruning and removal this year and that while there are no trees planned for removal, the amount is included to handle any unforeseen circumstances.  The members voted unanimously to pass the 2018 budget proposal.

Board Member Elections
Kerry, Elliot, and Matt were at the end of their terms.  Kerry and Elliot stated that they were stepping down while Matt stated that he would run for re-election but strongly encouraged someone to fill his spot.  Mike Pendleton, Jill Jenkins, and Kristina Myers volunteered to run for the three open seats and were subsequently elected to the board by the members.

Post-Annual Meeting of New Board Members
There was a brief meeting immediately after the end of the regular Annual Meeting attended by Genelle McDonald, Jessica Joyner (formerly Jessica Vasconcellos), Easton C. Warner, Jill Jenkins, Kristina Redford Myers and Michael Pendleton. The purpose of the meeting was to assign positions for Board Officers and Directors.  After brief discussions the group agreed that:  Mrs. Jessica Joyner would become Board President; Ms. Genelle McDonald would remain Vice President; Mr. Easton C. Warner would remain Treasurer; Ms. Jill Jenkins would become Secretary/Computer Specialist; Mrs. Kristina Redford Myers would become Director; Mr. Michael Pendleton would become Director. The group also set the next board meeting for Thursday, January 11th at 7pm at Jessica Joyner’s residence (2205) and made a general plan to try to hold regular meetings on the second Thursday of each month at 7pm, rotating locations.


Board Meeting Minutes: 25 October

2233, 8PM

Board Members in Attendance
-Elliot Wild, President
-Genelle McDonald, Vice President
-Matt Keally, Secretary
-Kerry Wingell, Director
-Jessica Vasconcellos, Director

Members in Attendance

September Minutes
The board approved the minutes from September with a 5-0 vote.

Bylaws Amendments
The board voted 5-0 to approve the bylaws changes presented by Ami Pape at the previous meeting. The board made several typo and grammatical corrections and will mail out two documents to all homeowners: the proposed amendments as well as an explanation of the proposed changes. Elliot will create a revised version of Ms. Pape’s notice to homeowners explaining the changes. The board will work to ensure homeowners receive the mailing with at least 30 days’ notice before the annual meeting.

Annual Meeting
A room at RCC is reserved for 7:30 on December 4th. Genelle will ask about AV equipment for use with the conferencing software. The board approved with a 5-0 vote to purchase up to $60 of refreshments to share at the meeting.

Future Projects
Genelle will ask Steve if he is still interested in performing the proposed erosion control work in Spring 2018. The board also discussed further concrete repair work to be added to the 2018 budget.

Social Committee
At the social committee meeting earlier in the week, Sandy asked Matt to relay to Genelle that there were beer cans on the patio in front of her house. Although she was unsure of the owners, Genelle agreed to remove the cans as well as an unclaimed cooler.

Tree Replacements
Elliot met with Merrifield Garden Center to discuss tree replacements. Merrifield will plant a Dawn Redwood and a Sweetbay Magnolia at the cluster entrance to replace the two dead trees in the lower cluster. Merrifield will plant the new trees and remove the dead trees on October 31st. Elliot will ask about filling the holes left by the dead trees. Additionally, Manuel has agreed to water the trees.

Snow Removal
A retainer is due to American Lawn Brothers by November 1st. Jessica will call ALB to confirm the amount.

Pest Issues
Elliot discussed raccoons climbing into his garbage can, however, he believed it wasn’t enough of a problem to warrant any board action.

Next Meeting
The next meeting will be at 2217 on Wednesday, November 8th at 7PM.