Board Meeting Minutes: 24 August

2274 8PM

Board Members in Attendance:
– Elliot Wild
– Genelle McDonald
– Kerry Wingell
– Matt Keally
– Easton Warner

The board deferred action regarding both rat sightings and a bad mosquito season. With respect to mosquitoes, the season is almost over. One course of action would be to notify residents in the early spring to be sure they remove any source of standing water. Another idea, suggested by Genelle, would be to encourage bats to take up residence in the area by constructing bat houses. As for rats, Elliot commented that many residents do not put trash bags in trash cans the night before pickup. Despite this, he has seen very few bags torn open by animals.

Tree Replacement
The board decided to invite Merrifield to the cluster to point out appropriate tree species and locations for planting. This will be on Sunday, September 17th at 2PM. As part of the replacement, Merrifield will remove the dead tree in the center island of the lower cluster, however, the cluster will be responsible for filling the resulting hole.

The board could not come to an agreement on tree placement and species, prompting the call for Merrifield to provide suggestions. Locations discussed included on either side of the front entrance, behind the bus path, behind 2219 where a tree was recently removed, and near the RA trail behind 2258 and 2256. Species discussed included Sweetbay Magnolia, Redbud, Ironwood, and Littleleaf Linden.

Proposed Bylaws Changes
Genelle will invite the cluster lawyer, Ami Pape, to the next meeting to discuss the proposed bylaws amendments. Easton mentioned that before a previous bylaws amendment vote, the board posted the proposed changes on residents’ doors and mailed a copy of the proposed changes to each residence. The amendments will also be posted on the website.

Fall Cleanup
The Fall Cleanup will be on Saturday, September 30th at 9:30 AM. Board members will meet at 9:00 AM. The agenda will include filling the the tree hole in the lower cluster center island, bench staining, trash pickup, planting bulbs near the entrance, and replacing a planter box in the upper cluster island.

Several board members noticed that the grass strip along Olde Crafts was unmowed in addition to an area behind 2214. This will be brought up with the landscaping contractor.

Parking Lot
The parking lot sealcoating went smoothly. All residents moved their vehicles in time.

Tree Removal
Elliot will talk to Tree60 to ask about replacing a Forsythia that was destroyed during the recent tree removal effort.

The board unanimously approved the minutes from the previous meeting.

Expired Vehicle Registration
The board decided to continue the practice of notifying residents of expired vehicle registrations. There are several vehicles with expired registrations — the board decided to post notifications on these vehicles as a reminder to renew registrations. These notices will be posted with the understanding that such vehicles could eventually be towed as stipulated in the cluster guidelines. Ample time (at least several weeks) will be provided as well as multiple notices before a vehicle will be towed.

Cluster Audit
Easton has not been able to reach his POC at Ross, Langan, and McKendree about a cluster audit.

Next Meeting
The next meeting will be on Wednesday, September 27th, 8PM at 2274.