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Board Meeting Minutes, 4 March 2016


  • Heather Maddox
  • Karen Reese
  • Dennis Schulte
  • Elliot Wild
  • Manuel Torres

Also in attendance: N/A

New Business

  • Snow Removal: Heather shared several bids which she collected.  Discussion will continue in future meetings since there is plenty of time to decide.
  • Tree Replacement.  Heather shared bids collected for tree replacement.  The board voted and agreed to hire Merrifield Gardens for $50 to meet with the board for a walk around.  This fee will be applied as a credit if Merrifield is selected.
  • Landscaping.  The board discussed five bids and approved Heather to pursue a contract with Frontier Landscaping.  Frontier’s bid was approximately $2000 less than the current landscaper.
  • Yard Sale: April 16th, one week before the cluster cleanup.
  • A website instruction will be presented at the next meeting.

Old Business

  • The cluster cleanup will be discussed at the next meeting.

The next meeting will be April 4th at 7:30 PM.