Board Meeting Minutes, 6 January 2016

Board Members in Attendance

  • Heather Maddox, President
  • Karen Reese, Vice President
  • Elliot Wild, Secretary
  • Dennis Shulte, Director
  • Matt Keally, Director

Also in Attendance


Old Business

  1. Tree removal/stump grinding
  2. Tree replacements:
    • The Board still needs to get bids on replacement trees.
    • Reston doesn’t care where we put the trees. Just that we have appropriate replacement species.
    • We will need to submit a plan to RA once we figure out the locations and trees.
  3. The cluster records are still at Bill’s house. Someone needs to volunteer to take some files.  Friday night @ 7:30pm, January 29th will be a file sorting party at Heather’s house.

New Business

  1. Inventory of current contracts/accounts:
    • Trash
    • Landscape/snow removal
    • We already have one landscaping bid; Dennis will solicit two more.  Elliot will solicit snow removal bids
    • Legal
    • Towing: update towing company with current board members
    • Electric
  2. Parking lot resealing: we have received one quote which we believe is high; perhaps we can get a deal if they do the parking lot and sidewalk.  Elliot will investigate further.
  3. Sidewalk work: perhaps negotiate a single contract for the parking lot and sidewalk.
  4. Communication:
    • Website: Karen is the moderator
    • Facebook: Karen is also the moderator and will give admin access to Matt
    • Message board: table discussion until the next meeting
  5. Increasing neighborhood involvement:
    • Social media/website
    • Committees: the Board will seek to establish several committees: Welcome, Social, Yard Sale (Kristina and Ruth), Neighborhood Watch (Easton or Elliot), Parking
  6. Additional Items
  7. Financials

Next Meeting

The next Board meeting was set for 1 February 2016 at 7:30PM, pending Manuel’s schedule.  The meeting will be at Heather’s (2252).




Hi Neighbors,

We’ve waited a long time, but winter is here! Whether you are doing a dance, or booking your flight to Florida, it looks like the snow will be here soon.

Just a reminder, each resident is responsible for clearing the sidewalks edging their home. This should be done as soon as possible after the storm ends, preferably within 24 hours. This task is critical to keep our community safe so your cooperation is very much appreciated.

Please be on the lookout for neighbors who might need a hand and offer assistance when you can. Please reach out to a member of the board if you need assistance or if you are able to help clear.

Thanks and enjoy your snow day!

snow shoveling